Features of bream fishing

  • Features of bream fishing

Bream is one of the most common fish in Ukraine. The bream loves really large water areas with very clean water. If a river or lake is polluted, then it is almost impossible to find a bream there. That is why its population has declined in recent years.

If you are interested in where the bream pecks, then you should pay attention to:

• large rivers with a fairly slow flow - one of the main habitats of this species of fish, however, catching the overall bream will not work in such places, because in such conditions they grow to medium size;

• large lakes - here you can also find bream, but you should pay attention to lakes with clean water and a flat bottom without silt;

• reservoirs - one of the best places for catching bream, here fish can grow to really large sizes, so you can confidently count on the capture of a trophy specimen.

Catching a large bream is very difficult, because these fish are constantly hiding in the depths, so it will take a lot of effort to lure them.

Features of bream fishing

Many fishermen are interested in the question at what time of day it is better to catch bream. This type of fish can hardly be called diurnal. That is why the following factors should be taken into account:

• during the day, the bream is practically not interested in bait, only occasional bites are possible, and rather large individuals are located in holes in the bottom and are generally inactive;

• it is better to start bream fishing at sunset and continue throughout the night, at this time at this time the bream actively feeds in shallow water, but prefers to stay in the thicket protection;

• bream loves to feed on a clay bottom, therefore it is on rivers or lakes with this type of bottom that it is easiest to find;

• if the reeds or thickets at sunset began to move, then the bream went to feed, also this process is accompanied by a characteristic sound.

Bream Bait

What is the bream pecking at? This question is asked by many novice fishermen. Experienced craftsmen use peas, millet or barley as bait. Cake or crackers are also often used. Bait is best done right at the place of fishing, so that it is as fresh as possible.

Bait is required to use. But it’s better to equip a fishing rod: with float tackle, donka or feeder (feeder). It is the latter option that is the most common.

As bait, it is best to use bread, peas, maggots or worms.

As you can see, bream fishing is not particularly difficult. You just need to follow simple rules.