When is the best time to catch a pike?

  • When is the best time to catch a pike?

Many fishermen like to prepare for pike fishing due to the fact that this fish is active throughout the year. The main thing is to find the reservoir where it lives. At the same time, pike cannot be equally active all 12 months - there are separate periods that fishermen call pike zhora. Today we will tell you what it is, and also determine when the pike fishing season begins.

Zhor in pike: when it occurs and how it manifests

Everyone heard, but few understand when pike have zhor. But this is a period that can become very productive for the fisherman. At the same time, zhor comes for a reason - it is always associated with a whole chain of factors. It happens:

• pre-spawning;

• post spawning;

• autumn.

How does zhor manifest?

1. The mobility of fish in water is increasing rapidly.

2. The pike does not try to figure out what to hunt for, and reacts to any prey.

3. In search of a new habitat for themselves, the future offspring of fish actively moves through the reservoir, making it easier to catch.

4. She conducts hunting both at depth and on the surface.

5. To make the hunt more productive, pikes are knocked down in flocks.

Pike Fishing Season

Rybakov is usually interested in two questions: does the zhor feel pike in spring? What to fish for? In fact, spring zhor is considered the strongest. It is due to the onset of fish activity after relative winter calm. Such a period in pikes is also called pre-spawning zhor. Pike wants to eat not only due to lack of food in winter - it also stores energy for the upcoming reproduction. So in the spring, the catch will be much better.

In the summer, when it gets very hot, catching a large pike is quite difficult - it does not rise to the bait and is generally inactive. But young people peck quickly - for one catch, you can well get 5-6 tails. In summer, the fish is more active in August, when the heat begins to subside slowly, and the temperature in the reservoir drops.

Autumn, like spring, is the best period for catching large pike. Autumn zhor is considered the longest. Fishermen have noted a good catch for months - September and October.

In winter, pike is well caught under ice, but special activity should not be expected. The fish is more calm and inactive.

Many fishermen know that pike fishing can be successful at any time of the year. However, to be completely sure of a good outcome, it is important to know the periods of particular activity of the fish.