What should be the clothes for winter fishing?

  •  What should be the clothes for winter fishing?

When winter comes, ice fetters the river: the water gets colder, and the lives of those living underwater also change. Due to the decrease in light, oxygen, the fish often floats along with the bottom and hides in deep holes, where it is slightly warmer. Some river inhabitants stop feeding and fall into a state of drowsiness.

In the cold season fishing with confidence can be called an extreme venture. Often the process itself is accompanied by severe frost, strong winds, snowstorm when nothing is visible. Ice can crack at any time, so you always need to be on your guard, and most importantly, to dress properly. Winter fishing equipment clearly does not imply a multitude of layers of clothing, because in this case, the movements will be difficult, the person will overheat and, most likely, will subsequently face overcooling due to excessive sweat.

The best clothes for winter fishing

A set of clothes for winter fishing should be as light as possible, warm, free. The ideal option is the presence of two sweaters with a collar (made of thin and thick material), which perfectly cope with the task of maintaining heat and improving heat transfer.

Competent experts identify several important requirements that must be presented in any fishing kits. This is about:

  •  Moisture insulation. It is provided by materials that complement clothing and shoes. Thanks to moisture-proof and membrane tissue it will be easier and more comfortable to fish.
  • Wind protection. It can be reached with a fabric with a cut. Care should be taken about the dragging-out bottom or windproof strap on the jacket.
  • Convenience. Warm clothes for winter fishing should not impede movement and certainly not make a person practically motionless.

Today, domestic and foreign manufacturers actively produce overalls - they are extremely comfortable, fully protect the back, equipped with waterproof material. Their only drawback is the inconvenient removal. It is possible to use trousers with high corsage.

As for shoe covers, you should go to the catalog of winter clothes for fishing and choose the best option for your budget. The main parameters at the time of purchase are convenience, lightness, protection from wind and snowy water. Socks should be made of wool to fully retain heat.

The head is ideally protected by a standard cap with earflaps. Jackets are presented in a huge assortment. The best of them have wide sleeves that do not impede movement.    

Sensitive hands is considered an indispensable component of success. Many anglers do not use gloves and mittens at all, because they are constantly wet, which is why the fishing line sticks. However, drilling holes without mittens is definitely not enough.

After analyzing all of the above, we can draw the following conclusion: winter clothing for the fisherman must have high-quality tailoring - only then you can count on high-quality and wear-resistant uniforms. Such things are distinguished by excellent thermal insulation, lightweight, cope with severe frosts and winds for a long time. A good kit will never rustle much because it can frighten away the fish.

Any fisherman must be one hundred percent sure that his clothes will not fail and cope with any tests. Its main task is to provide protection even in the most difficult conditions. At the same time, not only warmth is important, but also convenience, the absence of any obstacles to movements.

Features of catching pike in winter on a fishing rod

Many are actively interested in how best to fish for pike in the winter season. Well, the use of a fishing rod with a hard nod is recommended so that he can work out the heavyweight of the artificial bait. A good option is winter spinning. This product is similar to an ordinary one - there are through-rings, it can be equipped with an inertia-free coil to facilitate predator fishing in winter and in the case of a frequent transition between holes.

If a fishing rod is used for winter fishing, it is necessary to drill several holes in advance and engage in fishing each of them in turn. After completing the required number of holes, it is worth returning to the first and starting to catch it. Usually, fishermen try different postings - they can be active, slow, have high, low amplitude, varying degrees of fluctuation. It will not be superfluous to try various shades and shapes of lures. If the bite is not observed for 10-15 minutes, then it is time to move on to the second hole. Is biting coming? Then you need to continue to catch in it or return to it later in a couple of minutes.

To catch a pike on a fishing rod in the winter, it is necessary to use vertical spinners or balancers. These baits are notable for real effectiveness if served properly.

Thus, thanks to high-quality clothing and knowledge of pike fishing in the winter season, it will certainly succeed. The fisherman is guaranteed to live up to his expectations and will obviously return home empty-handed.